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All Frei's American Bulldogs have a two-year  guarantee against Hip dysplasia and other genetic defects as long as the dog has not been used for breeding.The two-year guarantee will end on the dogs second birthday. If  the dog develops hip dysplasia, the dog will be replace or given credit for next available pup of same breeding quality. Written documentation must be supplied by the Buyer's D.V.M..All medical documentation and x-rays must be sent to Frei's American Bulldogs to confirm diagnosis with our vet.  The owner must show proof that the dog has been spayed or neutered at buyer's expense. Papers also must be returned before the dog can be replaced. Replacement puppy will come from same quality of breeding and same sex. If buyer chooses not to fix the dog, then he or she can return the dog at their  own expense. Guarantee will be voided if dog has been abused  or mistreated in any way, shape or  form.  All sales and deposits are final.  No Cash Refunds