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About Us
    Welcome to Frei's American Bulldogs! My name is Todd Frei, I am a business owner and a breeder of American Bulldogs.  I grew up in a small Northern California town with an innate love for all animals and was fortunate to be surrounded by them as well as a wonderful family who taught me how to care for them.  As I introduce myself and my business, I will establish my history with animals, my training in the knowledge of pedigree's and the genetics behind them, as well as how I started and of my experience in breeding the American Bulldog.

My History and Training

    My history with animals and training in genetics as applied to pedigree's revolves around my family--my grandfather, in particular, John Frei. He served on the board of the American Quarter Horse Registry and for 50 years, was well know for guaranteeing a clean breed of both American Quarter Horses and Palominos.  He also became part of the first board of Registry for Palomino's.  My grandfather and I were a team, and he taught me what he knew about horse pedigree's and the genetics behind them.
    My grandfather's training led me down a similar path of my own beginning my Freshmen year of high school, when I was asked to enter FFA.  I advanced to FFA's top ten in California on the Light Horse Judging team the first two years of high school.  I took #1 in the State, of some 1000 participants during the following two years.

How I began breeding American Bulldogs

    Working with horses brought my attention to the dogs that ran with us. It gave me the opportunity to appreciate how important they were as a helper and to me, personally.  I had always wanted a dog of my own and so began looking at all the different breeds.  I sought a rare breed with a friendly and patient disposition able to live with his/her family; A multipurpose working-class dog able to accomplish whatever he was trained to do; herding cattle, protecting his family, etc..  Finally, as a breeder I wanted to find a dog with good genetics for soundness and strength in the  legs and hips as well as a strong immune system. In 1994 I finally found the perfect dog, the American Bulldog.

My Experience

    It was essential to promote a noble breed warranting a strong clean bloodline with natural genetics for soundness of hips, strong straight legs, clean eyes, and a powerful immune system.  I began breeding away from entropion or (emperfectonsa), hip dysplasia, and the lack of  immunes to fight communicable diseases. Before a dog is bred, an x-ray is obtained to insure healthy hips and submitted to  O.F.A..   Blood tests are then performed to screen immunities.  I have maintained this strict screening process throughout, to achieve a strong clean bloodline.  I have successfully accomplished line-breeding to produce the same genes as the original grandfather stud. Today, I'm proud to have enhanced the wonderful American Bulldog with a strong clean bloodline, guaranteeing soundness of hips, good straight legs, clean eyes and a healthy immune system. Please also view my Two-Year Genetic Guarantee.