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Bray's Buck and Bulldog Alleys Mask
Bray's Buck  Around 1 1/2 years old
Bulldog Alley's Mask 18 Months old

These dogs come from some Foundation American Bulldogs   They both have Heavy Mullens Bubba and MGK blood.  Both dogs are heavy boned. I'm expecting some Big pups out of these guys   For more info please contact us by e-mail or phone
Buck's Dad   Titan Father (Khubla Khan)Tyson full brother
Titan's Mother is AMK's Southern Belle  #4
Mask's Mother Jackie
Father is Blue of Frei's
Mother is Gracie of Reimer
Frei's Blue  15 months in picture
Father Conan of Manstoppers
Mother was Frei's Zena
Mask's Grandma Gracie  (Powell's Jester and Akeyla Mother of Jackie Picture at 4 months old
All white  female   #1 All white female   #2

All white eye patch Female #3 All white Double Eye patch female #4

All white female eye patch #5 All white pied Markings of black brindle female #6

Body suite female #7 All white Pied markings Brown brindle female #8

All white eye patch and tear drop male #1          2 weeks old today All white Saddle and Double eye patch Male #2
Body suit Brown Brindle eye patch and perfect Heart on head Male #3 All white pied markings More Black brindle than Brown Male #4
These are more dogs related to these  pups   The pups above are 2 days old in pictures
Max brother to Blue and Hercules
Conan and Zena litter
Hercule's Bluesand Max  brother You can see his head type in the pups
Zena Mother to Blue , Hercules, and Max    Conan Sire of Blue, Hercule's , and Max
This is the type of pups we like to produce  Blue 2 weeks old Frei's Hank 2 years old  Zena's full brother diffrent litter
Below is the pup above at around 20 months  Tank   Conan and Zena son